Army General Says Anyone Disloyal Needs To Be Rounded Up And Put Into Camps

Can you believe this???

A retired army general -Wesley Clark -says that certain people should be rounded up and put into internment camps???  Yes, a retired general actually said this on Friday!

Well ...who should be rounded up?

No, not Muslims attending radical mosques. Can you see Obama letting us round up Muslims? That's not going to happen.

Then ...who?

Americans who are "idealogically motivated."
Americans who are "disloyal" to the American government.
Anyone deemed "suspicious." And no, he doesn't mean Muslims.

This army general wants to profile people and round up those who do not agree with the policies of the present administration, and put them in "internment camps." Some call them "re-education camps." The more correct term would be ...well, you know...

What on earth did you think the motto of Jade Helm meant? Do you know its motto? Here's its title:

"Jade Helm 15, Mastering The Human Domain"

Mastering the human domain. Think about that for a moment. What or who are they intending to "master?"

The term, “Mastering the Human Domain,” reveals to us that Jade Helm 15 is more than just a military exercise.  And it looks like this general revealed maybe too much. Let's see how much backlash this brings.

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   "Mastering The Human Domain" -What Does That Mean?

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