CERN Review

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Note: the weird pictures of men dancing are taken from the film “Symmetry”
which CERN produced and released to coincide with the restart of the CERN collider

The age of technology
2015 is The International Year of Light
CERN’s film “Symmetry” –research physicist Stan Deyo speaking
Would you become one with the particle?
They’re releasing the film as CERN was started up –March 2015
The Higgs boson is within that realm that we can’t see
What they’re looking for now is what powers it, dark matter, called “the God particle”
The effects from what CERN is doing will affect the psyche of man
When CERN did one of their experiments in 2012, that’s when al-Baghdadi
(of ISIS) moved into Syria and massive beheadings began taking place
 spontaneously at that time
When the dark holes were discovered in 2013 and 2014, that’s when ISIS went full throttle
The effects that CERN has on the brain are measurable
Antimatter also called dark matter -Charles Lawson speaking
Dark matter has energy attached to it, and that energy affects people
Our world is made up of matter. Antimatter is what we can’t see, although we
interact with it every day. Some call antimatter “the other dimension,” and it’s
inherently hostile. The world of the demonic and paranormal is attracted to
antimatter. CERN is going to produce antimatter. It’s going to arouse the darkness
in people to manifest. There will be violence.       –Stan Deyo speaking
The Book of Revelation it speaks about an angel opening the doorway to the
bottomless pit.
The manifestations might occur along with some kind of global threat so real that people
will be ready for someone to come save them lest they become extinct as a human race.
** We’re going to start seeing some astounding events in the next months things
because other parts of Biblical prophecy are also coming into play
They found the force that holds the dark energy. They call it the Wall, or the Veil, which
holds the dark enerygy back.
The CERN logo: 666
The false Jesus, Sananda
The real Christ formed the bridge to the Father
The false Jesus is the birthing of the kingdom of hell on earth. The bridge from
the abyss to earth.
Lucifer lives in the realm of antimatter, a different frequency, a different dimension
The mind is the battleground for the soul
The RFID micro-chip, the Radio Frequency Identification Device
Radio frequency towers
The director of CERN in an interview with the British press in which he admits that’s
what they are trying to do, they want to open a door into another dimension. And he
 said, “when we open this door, something might come through.
The Hindu god Shiva (whose idol stands in front of their building) destroys at the
molecular level It’s named after Appoliacum, whose temple once stood on the site,
and was considered the gateway to the god Apollo. The Book of Revelation says that
 an angel will come down with a key to the bottomless pit and opens that gateway.
The god down in there, the king of the bottomless pit, is Apollo, or Apollyon,  and
right now CERN is trying to open the gateway.
Darkness is about to surface in a way that no one ever thought possible, but this
is absolutely going to take place
Without Jesus Christ, no one is going to make it.
The earthquake in Nepal that destroyed the temple to Shiva
There is coming an Armageddon, there is coming an Apocalypse

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